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WPC Wall Panel Cladding Waterproof, Mildew, Anti-deformation, Anti-acid And Alkali
- Aug 03, 2017 -

With the people living environment requirements continue to improve, many young people in the renovation of new home, more than ever pay attention to the decoration of the bedroom, so the bedroom design to strive for excellence. Bedroom for the present people is not only to provide space for sleep, or physical and mental relaxation of the place. As an ordinary consumer, to choose the right for their own bedroom decoration materials is indeed a difficult process, in addition to the color to be suitable, but also must be practical, environmentally friendly.

In addition, the privacy of the bedroom also includes noise, not only for outdoor sound insulation, the same room also need to isolate the sound. A variety of colors, natural beauty, with the same processing performance with the logs, can be nailed, drillable, can be sticky high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free products, recyclable, quick-mounted integrated wall panels commonly used specifications, Material for different customer groups on the pursuit of different shapes. Can design a simple and elegant charm, but also can design a simple fashion home effect, in the field of decorative materials and acoustic engineering is very extensive, many well-known acoustics experts affirmed and praised, and by all the interior designers, acoustic design Division of the trust and selection, as most of the city's architectural acoustics, industrial noise reduction, product noise reduction and other engineering materials preferred.

In recent years, as a new environmental wall development is very rapid, by the parties concerned, environmental protection WPC Wall Panel Cladding superior performance. The current WPC Wall Panel Cladding market is mainly solid wood wall panels, solid wood composite wall panels, reinforced wall board three types of products occupied by the new type of WPC Wall Panel Cladding would like to impact this pattern is also very difficult. Environmental wall panels will gradually break the three pillars of this situation?

Although there are many advantages of environmental wall panels, but everything can not be perfect, quick environmental protection integrated wall also has its flaws. How to increase the advantages and reduce the shortcomings, which is the art of each WPC Wall Panel Cladding business study. Quickly integrated wall panels, in the original wall on the basis of the original, in the color, style, specifications, production technology and other aspects of rubbing into the taste of Europe and the United States, the classic trend of the new interpretation of the original personal expression of the original The direction of the release of consumer personality, free, comfortable needs, will naturally be recognized by the market.

Quickly WPC Wall Panel Cladding focus on the performance of the design and product details of the material texture and color texture, creating a wood texture of the vitality and affinity of the spirit of the atmosphere. Environmental protection integrated wall panels indoor product line of waterproof, mildew, anti-deformation, anti-acid and alkali, recyclable product features, in practice, more reflects its comprehensive value, and the construction of industrial products than the industrial fast efficient The advantages. The same time as

Quickly WPC Wall Panel Cladding WPC Wall Panel Cladding from 95% wood powder with 5% of the nano-technology, the synthesis of new wood plate material. Wear, pressure, exclusive R & D technology, a national R & D patent certificate. Can be directly into the water for a long time soak is not swollen, no blistering, no deformation, fire official certification testing certificate, to B1 level fire safety standards, complete complex fire acceptance requirements.