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How to buy

One square meter wpc decking required: 1000/ (floor width +5) mm = numbers (meters) .

We usually calculate with the gap, while some clients computing is not including the gap.

Installation of a square meter required keel joist 3.3 meters, a large area of 3.2 meters / square can also be ok.

The numbers of spare parts needed to install a square meter: clips 24 pcs and screws 24pcs (24 sets), a large area of 23 sets / square can also be ok.

The installation gap is 1 meters 3pcs (i.e. about 30cm apart)

Install keel joist using expansion screws of about 45cm apart , 9 pcs per square, a large area of 8.5 pcs square can be also ok.

Flooring fasteners for installation, our company has stainless steel clips (floor clearance 5mm) and plastic clips (floor clearance 7mm).

The length of material matching container container is recommended:

1. 220cm (forklift loading) transverse loading, the most

2. 290cm (forklift loading) vertical direction loading, the most

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