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WPC DIY Tiles Rich Patterns, Pattern Clear
- Aug 03, 2017 -

WPC DIY Tiles are semi-finished products, if it can not be properly paving the use, it is less than the ideal decorative effect, at the same time, tile paving is a relatively fine living, home decoration in the selection of different specifications of the WPC DIY Tiles, shop Paste the way is not the same, different paving way will also affect the overall decoration effect.

Tile laying the way is the most primitive, but also the most traditional way, the way is the classic does not fall, the ancients spread so far, at the same time, has also been used by most people.

This method is generous decent, neat, simple; so that people appreciate the WPC DIY Tiles of the strong texture of the existence of the share.

I-shaped way to tile paving, is based on the traditional paving on the basis of a little change, but not according to the traditional method of straight shop, but modified into walking word.

Dislocation paving method, also known as dislocation method, is the square of the laying method of rotation 45 degrees.

This method with the traditional method of a little closer, is the line is very smooth, infinite extension, with a good visual impact.

If you want to break through the tradition, it is necessary to abandon the old ideas and ideas, then the group is a good patchwork patch.

The method because the size of the WPC DIY Tiles are, rich patterns, patterns clear.

Irregular shop method, is free to shop, do not require in accordance with the provisions of the design, do not need to ignore the shape.

This method is the result of natural lines, chaotic and tangible, so some families do not like, for small areas and irregular, more flexible, more diverse lines, generally suitable for leisure area to use more appropriate.

The original brick open, and then combined to fight together to form a graphic; watching the ground is large, small, there are medium-sized WPC DIY Tiles, is not very rich.

This method of laying the WPC DIY Tiles effect varied, coupled with other materials together, even more colorful

Through the machine combined with hand-quality WPC DIY Tiles on the experience of grinding, plate making, sculpture, color, solid color and other multi-channel process from refining, so that you feel all the way from the visual sense of line carving realistic effects and WPC DIY Tiles burst art charm. Of course, color carvings, including relief, the second carving, Melaleuca carving process.

Selection of high-quality cast crystal bricks, glazed delicate and smooth, imports of environmentally friendly ceramic glaze color, 1200 ℃ high temperature calcination, melting into microcrystalline particles, crystal clear crystal. Brick surface high-gloss wear-resistant, flat surface clean, uniform color, texture, elegant and elegant, shiny soft crystal, bright colors bright, hard texture and delicate, non-absorbent anti-pollution, acid and alkali weather, green, One, showing excellent results. Patterns are better than marble.

Is a variety of color stone or ceramic as raw materials, set carved, waterjet cutting, 3D inkjet, hand-painted and mosaic, and other major technology as one, tailored for customers high-end theme art background products. Breaking the depth of the carving carving process, to retain the texture of the material itself and color, but also highlight the taste.