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WPC DIY Tiles The Construction Requirements Are Relatively High
- Jul 14, 2017 -

The recent WPC DIY Tiles is very Biequi, once the family encountered a brick, you can feel from all directions to shoot over the blame of the eyes, see the WPC DIY Tiless is black question mark, Obviously their own value first-class, outstanding ability, originates, was gabs and flowers, and now be labeled "touch porcelain party" label tear can not afford to tear, why would be labeled with such a label, WPC DIY Tiles Said to be good analysis and analysis.

A lot of construction workers when the cement is a brick, where to move where to go, even if it is a million oil, do not suddenly have a bold idea, the use of ceramic WPC DIY Tiless when blending cement, this is not strong combination, but the king not see the king ah. Why some people think that after adding cement, you can save solidification time, easy to WPC DIY Tiles? WPC DIY Tiless and WPC DIY Tiless sticky feelings really do not need to force a warming, there is a third party but instead reduce the ceramic WPC DIY Tiles and WPC DIY Tiless love each other, the emergence of hollowing, sticky WPC DIY Tiless will fall ah.

WPC DIY Tiless have something to say: cement, sorry, we are not suitable.

As a tiling aristocrat, ceramic WPC DIY Tiles adhering to their own image, in the wall when the tooth with a scraper concave shape is essential, the thickness of about 3mm comb can be combed beautiful stripes, can knead, squeeze, Compaction, positioning and other fast paste power law, the extrusion of excess air, the largest area tightly combined with the WPC DIY Tiles. At the same time, please non-professional construction workers do not play for the WPC DIY Tiles glue, thin paste method is enough to make WPC DIY Tiless and WPC DIY Tiless love each other, do not wipe the thickness, but also feel good baton.

WPC DIY Tiless have something to say: Do not be too thick, afraid of a bow "crown" will be out.

WPC DIY Tiles glue can be said that the bulk of the brick flow of large flow of IP, the big brand of ceramic WPC DIY Tiles product quality certificate is a lot a lot, you can throw your face; tensile strength technical indicators from flooding to heat after aging Standard, but regardless of the ceramic WPC DIY Tiles in the high Fu Shuai or white Fu Mei, how strong and flexible heart can not stand the quality of the defective WPC DIY Tiless, hardness, strength is not enough on the wall, cracking, broken brick do not blame the WPC DIY Tiless.

WPC DIY Tiless are attached to the surface of the house, so it can be seen as a "face project" of the house. When after a hard time to buy a good WPC DIY Tiless for their own, paving into the last piece of the top of the pyramid brick. WPC DIY Tiles paving on the construction requirements are relatively high, an accident is very easy to cause WPC DIY Tiless and other problems. How can we put the perfect WPC DIY Tiles? The answer is in the article.

The first part of the installation of seam and cheat skills

1, decoration commonly used WPC DIY Tiless of the joints recommended

Seamless brick and other wall WPC DIY Tiless, polished WPC DIY Tiless in the paving, the size of the seam should generally be in the 1--1.5 mm or so, not less than 1 mm. Can be used as a reference for pneumatic nails. Antique brick in general to stay a little wide, generally 3 - 5mm. Balcony of the external walls of cultural WPC DIY Tiless generally stay around 5mm.

2, hook material and time selection

Generally hook the time selected in the WPC DIY Tiles after 24 hours, that is, after the solid WPC DIY Tiless, hook time too early, will affect the paste WPC DIY Tiless, resulting in uneven or loose off. In addition, before the hook, you need to WPC DIY Tiles the cracks inside the debris to clean up the debris.

Now commonly used to tackle the material used mainly cement, hook sealant, putty powder and so on. These kinds of materials, putty powder, white cement is the more traditional materials used, and now as a grouting material is mainly used in the balcony of the cultural brick more, such as paving a lot of brick directly on the use of ordinary cement mortar can.

Putty powder, white cement waterproof performance, scrub resistance to be worse, and now, the home decoration process, in the kitchen and toilet wall, living room floor WPC DIY Tiless generally do not use, now basically choose a professional WPC DIY Tiles to fill Agent.

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