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Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence There Are Wood And Plastic Properties And Features
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in the production of high-density fiber in the process of the resulting xylenol, adding recycled plastic through the granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composite materials, and then extrusion production group Made of wood flooring.

Wood-plastic composite sheet is a kind of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the basic material and thermoplastic polymer materials (plastic) and processing aids, etc., mixed and then by the mold equipment heating and extrusion made of Of high-tech green materials, both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, can replace wood and plastic new environmentally friendly high-tech materials.

Wood plastic floor types

Wood flooring can also be divided into two kinds, one is used in the outdoors, one is to use indoor, outdoor wood plastic floor in the plastic materials are mostly used in polyethylene (PE), and more indoor flooring The plastic material is polyvinyl chloride (pvc).

The scope of application of wood flooring

Wooden flooring is made of wood-plastic composite flooring, and wood and the same processing characteristics, the use of ordinary tools can be sawing, drilling, on the nail, very convenient, can be used as ordinary wood. (Floor, fence, chair stool, garden or waterfront landscape, etc.), but also replace the port, the pier (the floor, the stairs, the garden or the waterfront landscape, etc.), but also can be used as an alternative to the port,Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence Such as the use of wood components, can also be used to replace the production of wood packaging, pallets, warehouse pads and so on.

Can the wood flooring be used indoors?

can. Wood flooring because of its waterproof features, most applications applied outdoors. However, if the indoor floor is often wet, often friction, the need for non-slip, wood plastic floor is the best choice for indoor flooring, such as wood plastic floor is mainly used for bathroom, bathroom,Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence kitchen ground. Hong Kong, foreign cafe bar indoor and outdoor floor often use wood flooring.

How about the performance of wood flooring

1, physical properties: good strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear, no cracking, no moth, water absorption, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, anti-static and ultraviolet, insulation, heat insulation, High temperature and low temperature of -40 ℃.

2, environmental performance: ecological wood, green wood, renewable, non-toxic substances, dangerous chemical composition, preservatives, etc., no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances release, will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence100% recovery Re-use and re-processing use, but also biodegradable.

3, the appearance of texture: a natural appearance of wood, texture. Than the wood size and stability, no wood knots, will not produce cracks, warping, deformation, the product can be made into a variety of colors, the surface without a second leaching paint can also long-term security is not fade.

4, processing performance: with the secondary processing of wood, such as sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws fixed, a variety of profiles standard standards,Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence construction and installation of fast and convenient. Through the conventional mode of operation, can be processed into a variety of facilities and products.

The advantages of wood flooring

1, waterproof, moisture-proof. Fundamentally solve the wood products on the wet and multi-water environment after the damp moisture easily edible, expansion and deformation of the problem, you can use the traditional wood products can not be used in the environment. Pest control, anti-termite, effectively prevent insects harassment, to extend the service life.

2, sound-absorbing effect is good, energy-saving,Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence so that indoor energy saving up to 30% or more.

3, high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable. The product does not contain benzene, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for the European grading environmental standards, recyclable use of wood savings,Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Fence suitable for sustainable development of the national policy, the benefit of the community.

4, high fire resistance. Can effectively flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level, the case of fire self-extinguishing, does not produce any toxic gases.

5, can be machinable, can be set, can be planing, can be saw, drill, the surface can be painted. Plasticity, can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully embodies the personality style.

6, the installation is simple, convenient construction, do not need complicated construction technology, saving installation time and cost.

7, no crack, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save the latter part of the maintenance and repair costs.