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Wall Panels Excellent Waterproof Performance
- Sep 26, 2017 -

It is well known that the Wall Panels as a new environmentally friendly materials hot market, especially its fire, waterproof function has been more and more sought after, this time someone asked: Wall Panels is how to do fire and water?

Speaking of Wall Panels fire waterproof function had to mention the composition of the composition of the wall panels. There are more than 10 kinds of integrated wall panels, each manufacturer must own secret formula, so the formula in the end to add the number of ingredients we do not know, but the natural activated carbon, natural bamboo powder, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin, PVC These are the necessary components of the Wall Panels. Do not know what is the user of PVC, listen to Xiaobian to everyone Amway.

PVC (English abbreviation), that is, polyvinyl chloride, amorphous structure for the white powder, the relative density of 1.4 or so, in the light, heat under the action of free radical polymerization polymerization of polymer.

PVC dielectric properties, adding stabilizer can improve the stability of heat and light. Its biggest feature is the flame retardant, it is widely used in fire. PVC can not be used directly, it must be modified to mix, add the relevant additives and fillers can be used, the prepared PVC material performance and requirements are not the same, so add the relevant additives and filler types and scores also Different, strictly speaking, PVC modified formula, and PVC only modified to use.

Integrated wall is added after the modified PVC makes it particularly prominent fire performance. Nowadays, China's PVC modified material formulation design, manufacturing has reached the international advanced level, the PVC added to the Wall Panels, but also to ensure the integration of high quality fire wall.

Another major advantage of integrated wall panels Waterproof (want to test the waterproof performance of the users can put the plate into the fish tank for some time, on the one hand can test the plate after soaking the water there is no deterioration, on the one hand from the health of the fish can also see the plate Of environmental protection), in fact, and PVC related. PVC is a stable physical and chemical properties, so it is insoluble in water, alcohol, gasoline, gas, water vapor leakage is low, at room temperature can withstand any concentration of hydrochloric acid, 90% sulfuric acid, 50-60% nitric acid And less than 20% of the caustic soda solution, with a certain degree of chemical resistance; the salt is also quite stable. Second, due to the combination of PVC and wood flour and bamboo powder added coupling agent, not only increased the compatibility of wood and PVC, but also improve the integrated wall panels waterproof. Of course, the ratio of wood powder and PVC also determines the excellent waterproof performance, which is to distinguish the quality of Wall Panels is an important reason. In addition, PVC added to the Wall Panels also has anti-ultraviolet, anti-solar radiation, easy to stick ash, resistance to harmful chemicals and other advantages.

It can be seen that the Wall Panels waterproof and fire characteristics of different traditional wood, it is the advantages of maximizing the performance of raw materials, performance far beyond the material itself, relative to the traditional wall decoration materials, is a truly high-performance health Environmentally friendly products.

  The advantages of lightweight wall panels and traditional building materials are:

1. Insulation: lightweight partition board structure to meet the energy-saving residential insulation requirements.

2. Fire: Light wall of the raw materials are inorganic materials, should not be burned.It has been proved that light partition wall is the ideal material to do the firewall.

3. Impermeability: light wall panels are independent of the internal hole, can effectively prevent the spread of water.

4. Economy: After a lot of practical tests, the use of lightweight partition plate for the building materials than the traditional hollow brick, Taibai board and other materials, the average cost per square meter to save about 15% .5 green, light Board is green, pollution-free building materials.

        The traditional building materials are brick, tile, wood, steel, cement, etc., with the rise of the real estate industry, light wall panels of this new building wall materials, must be widely concerned. Light wall panels it can speed up the construction speed, reduce labor intensity, reduce industrial costs, improve the use of building area, environmental protection and so on.

        In order to produce a good quality lightweight wallboard, the quality of its raw materials in the magnesium oxide must be able to meet the magnesium content to ensure that more than 80%, its activity ≥ 60, mesh ≥ 180 mesh, caustic soda ≤ 6.