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Composite Decking To Protect The Wear Layer
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The floor of the cleaning, the best from the usual start,Composite Decking pay attention to regular cleaning, every few days with a dry dust mop to clean the floor surface to remove the daily dust. Otherwise too much dust, hair and other long-term accumulation is also easy to cause scratches on the floor.

In addition, if you encounter liquid spill, to immediately clean up, can not let the liquid for a long time to stay on the floor, because the liquid can be dirty and destroy the protection of the composite floor wear layer.

If you are doing the daily cleaning, or do not avoid some stains, then you can try some of the following methods.

First of all for the general stains,Composite Decking you can use a rag stained with Taomi Shui directly used to wipe, or Taomi Shui or vinegar into the spray bottle, even spray the composite solid wood flooring, just a few minutes, you can use dry cloth Wipe cleanly. Note that only less than the solution can be sprayed on the composite floor at a time, and the range of the primary spray is not more than 30 square centimeters on the floor. Because you need to immediately erase the cleaning solution.

For some special stains can be used in the following ways:

⑴ fruit juice, wine stains, etc.,Composite Decking you can use a small amount of cloth wiped with warm cloth wipe.

Is scrubbed, not with a wet mop, because the floor is kept dry. As for why the use of warm water, because the warm water does not leave streaks, and because the water is the most moderate detergent, so not how to destroy the protective layer of the composite floor.

⑵ lipstick, shoe polish, smoke stains and other soft and wipes dipped in alcohol wipe.

⑶ hardened chewing gum can be placed on the ice for a while, so that the frozen contraction, and then with a blunt scraper gently cut off, and then wet cloth or wiped with a cloth on the amount of floor cleaning agent wipe.