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Wall Panels Is Also A Good Sound-absorbing Material
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Often customers have asked the characteristics of lightweight Wall Panels, and today I come to talk with you good talk about the light wall panels of the eight major product features:

Performance and Characteristics of New Energy - saving Magnesia Light Wall

1, high strength

As the addition of anti-corrosion short fiber as the skeleton, the slurry hardened with the fiber as a whole, greatly enhanced the cement of the bending, impact resistance. Inspection by the Academy of Sciences: are in line with national building materials JP / T169-2005 industry standards. Because of the high strength, the overall performance is good, it can be used as a high height,Wall Panels large span of the wall spacing, as long as the simple use of steel structure anchorage, U-shaped steel fixed in the wall, large span, high wall Increase the wall of the cylinder, the impact resistance is 1.5 times the general masonry.

Height of more than 3 meters of the wall, such as the use of the general masonry to do, will be more than 240mm thick, more than 4 meters span to increase the column, each 50cm high need to lay the auxiliary reinforcement, labor costs and occupation of the place o


Such as from the beginning by the use of lightweight wall design, can reduce the structure of materials standards, the overall cost of the building can be greatly reduced. Can also increase the practical area: the thickness of 90mm, than the traditional 240mm wall, the construction of 7-8 meters to extend the wall, can increase the practical area of 1 square meters, 90mm thick wall performance and 240mm thick wall, the overall room area The rate of increase of 5-8%, the increase in real estate and the value of the product is higher than the cost of wallboard, it can be said that the use of our products is free. From the increase in practical area. Reduce the amount of traffic, reduce labor intensity, reduce structural costs, construction and other aspects of civilization, the cost is very cheap.


Materials with special raw materials and other inorganic materials and admixtures, with the slurry into the mixture by adding air, lead to numerous single-hole microporous, and into a honeycomb, the product becomes lighter than wood, can Floating on the surface. In view of this unique performance makes the wall panels can be arbitrarily spaced: As the weight of the light wall panel is 200m thick masonry irs,Wall Panels it can reduce the weight of the structural wall, reduce the beam-bearing foundation and the indoor can be any interval. Masonry to the top of the beam masonry, can not be any interval, there is a great limitation.

4, fire performance

The raw materials and products of the products are inorganic and never burn. Experiments show that 9cm thick wall of the fire resistance of up to 3 hours or more. Can be widely used as a firewall. Class A fireproof material, insulation, sound insulation: 1 000 degrees Celsius high temperature 120 minutes combustion test without damage, fire to the national A-level standards. Due to the wall board to add insulation light aggregate, so that the thermal conductivity of the plate is particularly better than other masonry, a substantial reduction in cooling costs o with more than 45dB sound insulation, in line with China's national sound insulation test standards GBJ121-880

General masonry sound insulation effect of 35-37dB. General masonry no insulation function, when the heat conduction fast, is not conducive to thermal insulation.

Sound insulation performance

According to the wall thickness and surface treatment in different ways, we produce wall materials can be 40-50 dB sound insulation. At the same time it is also a good sound-absorbing material. Due to the addition of air, greatly improving the sound insulation products.

6, seismic, moisture and water resistance: Because it is assembled wall, the board itself is a three-in-one structure, board and board letters slot into the whole, impact resistance, bending resistance and other properties are masonry walls can not be compared, Directly to the anti-8-9 degree earthquake due to solid high-strength cement panel has a special performance, so moisture-resistant water features particularly prominent.

General masonry can not moisture, a long time will produce a batch of peeling off.

Construction convenient

Because it is porous, convex groove, coupled with the product can be nailed, can planing, drilling and other general mechanical processing, wall panels can be directly with the construction of gray sand, cement paste, wall decoration, such as no need for special treatment, Can be any part of the nail, drilling, security expansion bolts, single hanging capacity of 40 kg or more, so the water, electricity,Wall Panels pipeline installation and embedding and other construction, than the general masonry are convenient. Wall installation and clay solid brick, hollow brick small pieces of wet installation compared to the progress of construction progress can be increased more than 20 times, can greatly shorten the construction period. Wall panels can be arbitrarily cut to adjust the width, length. Construction of simple transportation, piling up health, no need to batch, dry work, no mud, low loss, the site rarely waste, construction civilization. Material transport weight is the original masonry weight of 1/5.

Install a piece of magnesia wall board (1.8m2) = masonry 240 standard brick + 7.2m2 (double-sided second) plaster, the average per day can be installed on a total of 12 wall panels, that is, technical workers masonry 1 500 Block brick + 86m2 plastering.

8, green environmental protection

Because this product does not use soil, do not consume, and can use industrial waste, is a good product of the country. According to the "national radioactive nuclide limit" requirements for testing, the internal exposure index of 0.05, the external exposure index of 0.33,Wall Panels its production and marketing and use of unrestricted, it is a real green building materials The In the production process without pollution, wall panels of all materials are not harmful substances and radioactive substances.