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Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Wall Boards High Strength, Multiple Environmental Protection, Thermal Insulation
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Cement foam Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Wall Boards refers to the use of a two-sided panel made of calcium silicate board, the middle is a polyester foam cement foam sandwich, high temperature autoclaved composite lightweight partition board. There are tenon grooves and joint grooves on both sides. The lightweight partition board has the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, respiratory humidity control, fire prevention, rapid construction and lower wall cost. Therefore, Widely loved and used.

Light composite wall panels is a new generation of industrial production of high-performance architectural interior partitions, made of a variety of building materials from the complex, with light, high strength, insulation, noise, fire, crack, easy installation and many other good Performance, suitable for all types of building structures and various parts of the interior of the building to separate, to meet the functional requirements of the building interior.

Five characteristics of lightweight composite wall panels

1, light: lightweight composite wall materials using light aggregate and fly ash, etc., no reinforced concrete, gravel and other heavy raw materials and therefore has the characteristics of light weight, only brick quality 1/16, can be large Amplitude to reduce the longitudinal load of the building structure, reduce construction weight, reduce construction costs.

2, Insulation: Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Wall Boards is polystyrene foam board as the core insulation materials, insulation performance is extremely superior with the Ministry of Construction architectural design standards, and living in the first place of similar products in China.

3, Impermeability: Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Wall Boards water absorption of only 3.3%, has reached the international advanced level in the same industry.

4, fire performance: lightweight composite wall products itself, never burning. Experiments show that the new wall is the ideal fire-resistant materials, 9cm thick wall fire resistance up to 3 hours.

5, sound insulation function: As the light composite wallboard with polystyrene as the core material, it has a good sound insulation, hollow sound insulation is greater than 40 dB, up to national industry standards.

Lightweight wall use

1, efficient insulation, especially for cold areas.

2, light materials, reduce the weight of the structure, reduce the role of earthquakes, especially for high-rise buildings and high intensity areas.

2, can be used inside and outside the wall, can be directly attached to the tile.

3, suitable for all kinds of common environmental conditions, corrosion-resistant weathering ability.

4, aluminum-plastic curtain wall and curtain wall lined with insulation materials.

5, steel plant color steel wall enclosure upgrade.

6, Swing-type installation, deformation ability, especially for high-rise steel structure combination wall partition material.

7, suitable for the re-division of existing buildings and other space, especially for the existing building renovation layer.