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Composite Decking The Pursuit Of Environmentally Friendly And Healthy Lifestyle
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Composite Decking with a natural atmosphere, to give people a warm and cordial feelings, tough vision, and soft features in sharp contrast, making it in the modern home decor occupies an important place. Moreover, the wood itself "breathes" and absorbs moisture and evaporates, thus maintaining the humidity of the environment within the comfortable range of the human body and conforming to the modern fashion of pursuing environmental protection and health.

Room floor with wooden floor to decorate, of course, is a very pleasant thing. However, we often suffer from problems such as moth-eaten, chipped, sounded, dirty boards, painted faces, drums and warps during the use of wooden flooring. How to avoid these problems? The key is material selection!

The current market, Composite Decking brand variety, quality is also uneven, do not know how to start. Suggest that everyone in the choice, as long as you master the following eight criteria, you can choose high-quality parquet! The company is located in:

1, in the floor installation process, the requirements of indoor air humidity as much as possible between 50% -60%, the indoor temperature of about 24 degrees.

2, First, lay a layer of polyethylene plastic film on the concrete floor, polyethylene plastic film lap at the adhesive tape to stick, do not stay gap infiltration tide. And then laying the peace of mind for the special moisture-proof membrane, adjacent to the overlap of damp-proof membrane overlap to have 20 cm, overlap place to tape good paste. The position of the foot of the wall should be pulled to the top of the wall 10 centimeters,Composite Decking laying in the skirting inside, try not to leak in the foot line, the part leaked can use the utility knife along the baseboard to cut off the excess. Installation by the bathroom, the location of the kitchen door to do waterproof partition.

3, the parquet surface is 1.2-4 mm thick precious wood, before the formal pavement as much as possible to pre-shop, adjust the overall floor pattern of the room, so that the floor pavement beautiful natural effect, to avoid the level Feeling jump too strong customers can not accept. At the same time, before formal pavement,Composite Decking customers are required to confirm the color of the floor and avoid the unpleasantness of the pavement after it is adjusted or removed.

4, peace of mind 80% of the parquet with the latest lock technology, it is recommended to use the floating paving method, but also can be used as needed adhesive paving method. Flat-buckled parquet requires the use of adhesive shop law.

5, the need to diagonal parquet requirements from the middle of the room to the outer periphery of the laying of the other requirements from the room into the front left corner on the wall laying, and the vertical door.

6, each floor is a single individual,Composite Decking there may be flaws without the possibility of workers found that the national standard which allows 100 floors inside the floor to detect two failed floor, to serve the customer's company Under the concept, ask the installer to install the flawed parts after sawing and then install, or singled out the contact company to be replaced. Avoid blind installation caused the customer does not accept, re-pavement or refund the situation.

7, when installing the floor,Composite Decking according to the need to reserve the expansion joints in the region's climate, strengthening the floor requires about 1 cm of expansion joints reserved. If the room area is relatively large or humidity, according to the appropriate proportion to enlarge.

8, the floor spacing of the horizontal spacing is too large, the north is greater than 8m, more than 6m in the south, the request to add the bridge, the other in the room, the hall between the interface, the application of bridging convergence.

9, the location of the floor saws try to seal wax treatment.

11, the installation workers must use professional installation tools, PVC force transmission tools aligned notch, and power tools do not touch paint finish, force should be appropriate and uniform. Do not force too much lead to cracking the notch or knock the buckle bayonet knocked into the notch caused by the level difference and so on.