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How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of The Composite Decking?
- Dec 11, 2017 -

How to distinguish the good or bad of the Composite Decking?

Thickness swelling rate: thickness of the water quality expansion rate below 2.5%; first-class goods thickness swelling value below 4.5%. Water bubbles, the mass of water is poor.

Surface wear resistance: the floor is called fake floor because it has no wear-resisting layer or wear-resisting speed is very low. On the surface of the floor, there is no difference between the floor and the real Composite Decking. After grinding several times with sandpaper, it will be found that the decorative pattern is polished and whitish immediately. This floor is a false floor.

Formaldehyde release amount: the formaldehyde release value of Grade A is within 9mg / 100g. B is 9 to 40 mg /100 g and can be used at B level.

Density: qualified density = 0.9g / cm3.

Water content: the water content of qualified products is within the range of 3.0-10.0%.

The surface of the decorative paper impregnated dried flowers should be opaque white dots, wet mist flower, stain, scratch and indentation, around the tongue and groove should be kept intact.

The middle layer of solid wood flooring, not only can increase the feeling, but also prevent the expansion of the floor deformation, the thickness should be 7-10mm. In the material selection, the middle layer is high in quality of rubber wood and pine, and second in willow.

Considering the different functions of each room, different rooms can choose wood floors with different colors.

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