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Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite With Light, High Strength, Insulation, Sound Insulation
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Light wall is a simple structure of the wall with a wall, refers to the use of a two-sided panel from the calcium silicate board, the middle is the polyester particles cement foam sandwich, after high temperature autoclaved composite light Wallboard. Both sides with a tenon tongue and groove and slot, light partition board with a light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, noise, breathing humidity, fire, rapid construction, reduce the cost of the wall, etc. Widely loved and used.

Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite  is a kind of industrial production of a new generation of high-performance building within the partition, made of a variety of building materials, with light, high strength, insulation, noise, fire, crack, easy installation and other fine Performance, suitable for a variety of building structure types and various parts of the building compartment to meet the functional requirements of the building interior.

The five characteristics of Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite 

1, light: light composite wallboard raw materials using light aggregate and fly ash, no reinforced concrete, gravel and other heavy raw materials so it has a light characteristics, only the quality of brick and concrete structure 1/16, can be large Reduce the vertical load of the building structure, reduce the building weight, reduce the project cost.

2, insulation: light composite wall board is polystyrene foam board as the core insulation material, excellent insulation performance in line with the Ministry of Construction energy efficiency design standards, and living in the domestic first of its kind.

3, impermeability: light composite wall water absorption rate of only 3.3%, has reached the international advanced level in the same industry.

4, fire performance: light composite wallboard product itself, never burning. Experiments show that the new wall is the ideal fireproof material, 9cm thick wall fire resistance up to 3 hours or more.

5, sound insulation function: As the light composite wall board to polystyrene as the sandwich material, so has a good sound insulation effect, hollow sound insulation volume greater than 40 dB, up to national industry standards.

According to the market survey, the market few solid Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite  the main reason is: the current domestic wall board market is chaotic, some construction departments and users in order to reduce construction costs and blindly pursue low-priced products, and many light wall Manufacturers in order to win customers, reduce production costs, but also competing to lower prices. This will result in the product grade as a whole do not go, the variety of single, mostly hollow wall panels and sandwich wall panels, and solid Wood Grain Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite  due to high cost and no price advantage, so most manufacturers do not want to produce and sell. Low prices have caused the manufacturers inefficient, unable to engage in the development of new products, only at a low level to seek survival, over time, light solid wall board market share will be smaller and smaller, more difficult to find its trace.

Some high-end buildings even if you want to use light solid wall panels, it is difficult to find the right manufacturers, had to turn to use blocks or other wall materials. But with the turmoil in recent years, real estate construction began to fine construction route. So some builders on the wall building materials requirements are getting higher and higher, in order to protect the cost of housing, and choose a more solid solid light partition board. This is a light partition board manufacturers is an opportunity.

1 lightweight composite energy-saving wall board Light Seismic: Lightweight wallboard and clay solid brick compared to light ten times more than the hollow block light 100kg or more to solve the beam, big column, deep foundation of the problem, the plate and column connection has a good Of the seismic performance, not only for low-rise buildings, but also for high-rise buildings, soft geology and beach, beach architecture.

2 thermal insulation performance: composite wall wall in the production process, the internal formation of a large number of vacuum bubbles. These bubbles in the material to form a static air layer, so that the thermal conductivity of the plate is only 0.12W / mk, thermal resistance of 2.00, can greatly reduce the heating and cooling and other electricity, coal costs, can be described as the best choice for energy conservation.

3 lightweight composite energy-saving wall panels sound insulation good performance: the plate inside the closed microporous structure, effective barrier sound transmission and sound dual function, sound insulation ≥ 40dB, waterproof, moisture, anti-freeze-thaw have reached the standard.

4 increase the use of area: the wall is thin, can increase the use of an area of 8 to 10% or more.

5 installation processing performance: wall panels can be sawed, can be nailed, drillable, can be arbitrarily cut, free to create a building pattern.

6 lightweight composite energy-saving wallboard construction fast: dry operation, easy to install, than the block wall more than 6 times faster, can greatly shorten the duration.

7 light composite energy-saving wallboard surface decoration performance: wall surface roughness is good, after filling can be directly posted wallpaper, wall and spray.

8 light composite energy-saving wallboard integrated low cost: due to reduce the beam and column base load, construction fast, short cycle, than clay brick, hollow block to reduce the project cost 20%.

9 civilized construction operations: dry construction, site material specifications, less construction waste, a high degree of construction of civilization.

10 lightweight composite energy-saving wallboard environmental protection and energy conservation waste: wall material does not contain toxic, harmful substances, and waste energy conservation is the country to promote the development of green products.