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Wall Panels Can Stick High Environmental Protection, No Pollution
- Jul 05, 2017 -

In the decoration industry, the first renovation of the house called "before the decoration" to renovate the house called "after the decoration." "After the decoration," the proportion of the entire decoration market is more than half of the integrated wall does not need to deal with the original wall to meet the special needs of housing renovation. In the post-decoration era of the development prospects are more spectacular.

The next few years can be said that the Wall Panels industry to carry out the golden period. People's life and death levels and taste from time to time progress, the traditional paint, wallpaper has been unable to meet people's needs, Wall Panels demand will increase. According to the survey, China's Wall Panels market capacity, currently only 2% of the total market, the market space is very large. The face of a huge market demand, how to do bigger and stronger. The industry said that the opportunity is case can not be met, but the opportunity is to be able to grasp, there is such a sentence well, "the opportunity to leave a prepared person." As an Wall Panels manufacturer, in the Wall Panels industry, the rapid development of the golden period, in order to seize this common opportunity, it must first be ready. The first is to enhance their own image, pay attention to build the brand, to enhance their image is to focus on quality, to provide customers with high quality products and quality after-sales service.

When your product in the customer constitutes a certain reputation, you become a well-known local brands, and your business has become a local well-known enterprises. That in the local market, you can occupy an absolute advantage, the occupation of a certain market share. To seize the future of the golden period, after-sales service is the key. Today, only the operation manager to recognize such a confidence, that is, the customer is God, and in the operation and management of this confidence resolutely implement, is to ensure that the key to victory. How to seize the opportunity, the key to be brave and innovative. Integrated wall is to product style, consumer technology, and product marketing in the form of innovation, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. The recent home buy activities made vivid, many dealers responded well, in fact, this is innovation. Before the Group buy activities are for clothing and the like, and now the home industry also engaged in buy, arrived at the consumer, this is a very innovative promotional activities, and Wall Panels manufacturers, this is in marketing Of innovation. As for the style of the product, the innovation on the consumption process is no need to say. To seize the current great opportunity to increase the product innovation, consumption process innovation, or be out of the market will become fixed.

A large area with a high degree of reflective light yellow tiles, integrated wall wall panels are also made with a fine stone tiles of marble tiles paved in the role of light even more clear, the overall feeling of light and transparent. Black photo frame set up the wall in the light-colored walls more stereoscopic, the lower shelves with stainless steel stent, this element is also applied to the ceiling lamp and wall lamp, very modern. And then put the abstract shape of the sculpture and fresh bouquet to do home decoration, and the piano is facing the distance, so that space relaxation degree, but too compact or empty.

The privacy of the bedroom also includes sound insulation, not only for the outdoor to sound insulation, the same room also need to be isolated sound. A variety of colors, natural beauty, with the same processing performance with the logs, can be nailed, drillable, can be sticky high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free products, recyclable, France and Europe Manor Wall Panels commonly used specifications selection, Benzene material for different customer groups on the pursuit of different shapes. Can design a simple and elegant charm, but also can design a simple fashion home effect, in the field of decorative materials and acoustic engineering is very extensive, many well-known acoustics experts affirmed and praised, and by all the interior designers, acoustic design Division of the trust and selection, as most of the city's architectural acoustics, industrial noise reduction, product noise reduction and other engineering materials preferred.