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The WPC FAQ (two)
- Mar 24, 2018 -

The WPC FAQ (two)

5. Whether the  wood floors need to paint?

Unlike wood, because the wood inside and on the surface of the material and the color is the same, the surface is bright, so no need to paint wood, with a variety of colors available.

6. WPC can be bent?

Sure。 By heating, wood bending can amount to a certain extent.

7. hot weather will have an influence on the wood floor?

Void span and head to head, side to side is appropriate in order to counteract the effects of high temperature on the wood. When the temperature increases, the toughness of wood will be enhanced, and there will be a slight expansion. Please consult the salesman before the installation.

8. cold weather will affect the wood?

Even in the wood under low temperature is still good, however, because the plastic wood components accounted for 50%, so in the extremely cold weather because hard and brittle, the minimum temperature can reach -40 degrees.

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