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The WPC FAQ (three)
- Mar 24, 2018 -

The WPC FAQ (three)

9.wpc floor will fade?

Yes. Exposure to sunlight and moisture in the wood in 10~12 weeks after a slight fade.

10.Water  wpc floor  rate high?

Because in the surrounding wood fiber and other natural fibers coated with a layer of plastic layer, the plastic water absorption rate is very low. It is very suitable for Waterside Landscape.

11. whether the WPC more easily than wood burning?

Combustion of WPC and similar timber. Through combustion experiments, wood is not more flammable than wood.

12.How the  WPC service life?

According to foreign materials, wood under normal conditions of use the life span of 25 years, also said 50 years, but the birth of this material has less than 20 years, so these data are only estimates or speculate. But the life span of the outdoor is much higher than that of wood, which is certain. The Nanjing poly front company has done a comparative test in this respect.

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