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- Mar 24, 2018 -


1. wood floor is made of recycled materials?

Yes. WPC (WPC) is the use of recycled plastics and waste sawdust or rice bran and other natural fiber as raw materials and processing. Of course, new plastics can also be made for special needs, such as when they have special requirements for color or performance.

2. wood floor is a kind of environmental protection material? How to handle the WPC abandoned? Whether the waste wood products will pollute the environment?

Wood green meaning is multiple, on the one hand the consumption will pollute the environment of waste plastic and wood powder, on the other hand, can effectively replace wood in outdoor use, so as to save a large number of valuable natural resources. Because no toxic ingredients are contained, it is possible to do the same treatment with other common construction wastes and will not cause any pollution to the environment. It can also be recycled and recycled.

The difference between the 3. wood floors and plastic wood floor where?

Plastic and wood (wood plastic made of 100% plastic) is different, wood is made of plastic and wood chips made in according to the approximate ratio of 1:1. It is because of the natural fiber ingredients, WPC has better anti UV performance and lower thermal expansion properties, like wood and easy processing.

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