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Composite Decking Selection Of Color, Texture And Meticulous
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Reinforced Composite Decking because of its easy to install and maintain, anti-corrosion moistureproof, anti-bacterial and applicable to the advantages of electric heating has become the main popular flooring in Europe and the United States, and in recent years has been gradually accepted by our people. How to choose a good laminate flooring, the book teaches you four strokes, so that you choose to secure a good floor.

Laminate flooring is also called impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, laminate flooring, by wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer,Composite Decking balanced (moistureproof) layer, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring is a layer or multi-layer special paper impregnated thermosetting amino resin, paving in particleboard, high-density fibreboard and other wood-based panel substrate surface, add balance layer on the back, Front Plus wear-resistant layer, hot-pressing, forming the floor.

In addition to the two classifications, the laminate flooring can be divided according to the thickness and the characteristics of the floor.

According to the thickness division can be divided into thick and thin. The thin floor is about 8 millimeters, and the thick floor is around 12 millimeters. From the perspective of environmental protection, thin thicker than good. Because the thin unit area uses the gum to be relatively few. The thick floor density is not as high as the thin, the impact resistance is slightly worse, but the feet feel a little better. So, in fact, the difference is not big.

According to the characteristics of the floor,Composite Decking can be divided into crystal surface, relief surface, lock buckle, mute and so on.

However, we should note that the crystal surface and the relief surface from the front look no difference, only in the side hand touch will find the surface of wood pattern patterns. And the silent floor principle, mainly with cork mat, trample floor noise can drop more than 20 db, play to enhance the sense of feet, sound absorption, sound insulation effect.

In addition, laminate flooring also has impact resistance, anti-static, pollution-resistant, light, resistant to cigarette burning, easy installation, simple maintenance. However, the reinforced composite floor blister damage can not be repaired, the foot feeling is poor. In particular, it is pointed out that some floor sellers on the market said his laminate flooring is "waterproof flooring", which is only for the surface, in fact, strengthen the composite floor in the use of the only bogey is blisters.

Home decoration to do a good job planning, good home planning. Therefore, the floor is also the same, in order to buy plates to do a good home planning, planning size, planning to apply space and home style, below we specifically see how to do planning.

Laying the floor to select the first to look at the size of the front we have introduced laminate flooring according to specifications can be divided into standard, wide plate type, narrow plate type, their width and length is not the same, so before selecting the different specifications of the floor tile different dosage.

There are three kinds of floor paving methods which are common in the market, One-second paving method, 369 paving method and circulation paving method respectively. These three kinds of paving method produces the floor loss quantity to be different, "under the usual circumstances,Composite Decking uses One-second paving method The loss quantity biggest, 369 times, but the circulation paving method The loss quantity to be smallest".

Laying floors According to space considerations is necessary, and laminate flooring has many advantages, environmental safety, very suitable for home decoration, and suitable for warm, so laminate flooring can be laid in the bedroom, living room. However, the reinforced composite floor has a fatal disadvantage is to avoid blisters in use, so can not be installed in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as some of the more humid space.

Secondly, considering the size of the room area, in the choice of color, the general room area is large and adequate lighting should be selected darker,Composite Decking texture coarse quality, on the contrary, the selection of color, texture and meticulous. According to the room function, the living room should adopt the high transparency, the color is soft, in order to create the clear, harmonious, elegant atmosphere, but the study, its environment should have the strong cultural atmosphere, therefore should choose the steady dark floor.

Now the home decoration is very apt style, have Mediterranean style, pastoral style, European style, Chinese style, classical style and so on, so, in the laying floor in addition to considering the size of materials, applicability, but also consider whether the floor is suitable for their own home decoration style to choose color. Deep color floor of the appeal and expressive force is strong, distinctive personality,Composite Decking light color floor style simple, fresh and elegant.

The purchase of flooring also according to the needs of the owner, generally speaking young people because work study is more busy, so with the elderly, children's request can not be completely consistent, the best family discussion to reach consensus, and then determine the direction of the purchase of the floor. For example, in the choice of color, adult bedroom can choose warm or some neutral color floor, give a person with quiet, comfortable feeling; children's room should be concise, cheerful, clear, so should be used to light the bright color.

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