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China Wood Flooring To The World, The 2017 World Flooring Industry And Commerce Summit Held Successfully
- Oct 18, 2017 -

At the end of September, the theme of "the 2017 world flooring industry business summit technology, fashion, adhere to and development" was held in Changzhou successfully China. The summit gathered from the United States, Canada, Holland, Germany, Greece, Arabia National Union, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Chile, Yemen, China ten countries such as the government, industry associations, industry experts and scholars and the elite in-depth discussion, to feel the pulse of the world floor industry, promote Chinese flooring industry technological innovation and industrial upgrading, promote the healthy and sustainable development of global flooring industry.

China has become the world's wood flooring production and consumption countries, the national wood floor production capacity of 15 square meters, China has more than 800 million capacity, accounting for more than half, exports 200 million, accounting for half of the world. Wood flooring not only the needs of people's life and cultural needs, improve the quality of life, social diversification, also contributes to promote green development, the international society has realized the forest is the most precious resources in the world.


In recent years, with the rapid development of wood flooring industry, flooring has become an important part of the forestry industry, industrial influence is increasing day by day. Wang Man, executive chairman of the China Forest Products Industry Association, interpreted the world forestry in China from the macro level, and expressed his wish to the more and more powerful flooring industry in china.

China's forestry industry has not only made great progress in China, but also established extensive contacts with countries around the world, and carried out diversified cooperation. The summit in Arabia, Greece, South Africa and other 7 envoys of the witness, the Secretary Secretary Chinese cnfpia long Mr. Shi Feng and the United Nations Development Alliance Changan green king signed the cooperation agreement of the organization.

What are the hot issues in the international trade of flooring? Is the development of flooring industry an opportunity or a challenge? The summit also invited experts and scholars at home and abroad to discuss. Mr. Wu Shengfu, vice president of China Forest Products Industry Association, presided over the forum session.

First of all, Zhang Jun lawyers shared the current situation of trade friction between China and the United States. He thinks there are many ways to trade barriers, and the average anti-dumping tax rate is now 0.73. The fifth annual review is being carried out, and the first review result has been changed in the United States. Chinese enterprises have won the final ruling of the court.

The experts and scholars from Canada, South Africa and other countries have exchanged and shared the development of the flooring market in their countries, which has deepened the understanding of Chinese flooring enterprises to the foreign market.

The convening of the summit is of great significance to the development of China's flooring industry. "Exchanges, cooperation, win-win" has become a common voice, the summit aims to seek exchanges, friendship, seek ways of cooperation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the world floor industry.

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