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Wall Panels Sound-absorbing Effect Is Good, Energy-saving Good
- Oct 25, 2017 -

When considering wall decoration materials, people often have a lot of doubts. Bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard as a relatively new material, people still have a certain sense of strangeness.

What is the advantage of bamboo and wood fiber compared to the Wall Panels?

As the first generation of aluminum alloy integrated wall panels with aluminum layer, foam film, aluminum foil three layers of repression, there are aluminum oxide, metal radiation, metal conduction, aluminum layer soft impact, shape inconvenient, transportation inconvenient and so on. With the development of the industry, integrated wall board began to upgrade to bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall Board, through independent innovation, breakthrough the limitations of thinking.

The emergence of bamboo and wood fiber materials, slowly improve the aluminum alloy integrated wall board shortcomings, because bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall board is made from bamboo wood fiber, polymer waterproof fire material polymerization, overall, effectively solve the conductive, radiation, oxidation, modelling difficulties such as these shortcomings, suitable for the future development trend of environmental protection.

Bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall Board design fully considered the requirements of fire-retardant, not combustion-free open flame, by the state authority to test the organization issued a test report, fire level to achieve indoor decoration B1 level, to meet the project fire protection requirements. At the same time, bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall Board in the process of research and development, in the structural design has its own breathable hole,Wall Panels humid environment can be through the ventilation hole to discharge moisture. So it is particularly suitable for the southern humid environment wall decoration, can achieve waterproof and moistureproof effect.

In the rapid development of society today, people increasingly pursue a convenient and efficient way of life. When the original model can not meet the needs of the market, the new model will be broken cocoon and born. Bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall board is the inevitable choice of the survival of the fittest market, bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall Board continuously meet market demand and self-improvement and transformation, such development also shows that the ability to insight into the market is more and more strong,Wall Panels is to conform to the market economy glow vitality of the most powerful performance.

1. Waterproof, Moistureproof:

It solves the problem that wood products and traditional coatings are easy to rot and swell deformation after moisture absorption in moist and water environment, and can be used in the environment where traditional wood products and coatings cannot be applied.

2. Pest control and Termite prevention:

Effectively eliminate insect harassment and prolong service life.

3. Colorful:

There are many colors to choose from, both have texture sense, and can be based on their own personality

To customize the desired color style.

4. Strong plasticity:

Can be very simple to achieve personalized modeling, fully embodies the personality style.

5. High environmental protection, non-polluting, pollution-free, recyclable:

Products do not contain formaldehyde and benzene substances, environmental protection grade E0.

6. High fire Resistance:

can be effectively flame-retardant, fire level reached the B1 level, from the fire, do not produce toxic gases.

7. Good processability:

Can be nailed, can be planed, can be saw, can drill, can be folded angle.

8. Simple installation, convenient construction:

No complicated construction process is required to save installation time and cost.

9. Does not crack, does not swell, does not deform:

No need for repair and maintenance, easy to clean, saving the late maintenance costs.

10. Sound-absorbing effect is good, energy-saving good:

Make indoor energy saving up to 27%.

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