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WPC Technology-Bohan Tech
- Feb 12, 2018 -

By using WPC based technology for all our products, our company aims at joining millions of people across the world in adopting exercises that reflect on sensitivity towards the environmental protection through reduction of pollutants and protection of forest cover. WPC technology is a new technology that makes use of wood plastic composites to manufacturer a range of products that initially made use of either wood or plastic. Extensive use of wood in the manufacturer of products has led to reduction of forest cover globally. The outcome is that the global weather is drastically changing through processes such as globally warming. Furthermore, the destruction of water catchment areas has led to desertification and drought of certain areas in the world. On the other hand, extensive use of plastics has led to pollution. 
Our company, through WPC Technology, provides the best solution of these problems through the use of WPC in the manufacturer of a range of indoor and outdoor equipment. Browse through the site and find out the range of products offered by our company.

One of the most interesting attributes of WPC is WPC decking. Decking basically means that the products are versatile owing to the flexible nature of WPC. Working with wood alone is difficult and initially some products such as wood tiles, pet houses, outdoor furniture, and fences and railings came in limited designs owing to the limitations associated with wood. However, a combination of wood and plastic gives designers in our company the chance to explore various designs and themes in order to give our clients a variety of products to choose from. Some of the decking approaches that have been adopted by our company include the creation of delicate, stylish, and artistically inspired grooves and designs on the surface of our products. Outdoor décor has become a competitive venture and our company ensures that it provides outdoor products that are unique. 
We offer a Range of WPC Decking Products
In our company we always strive to offer clients a range of quality products that they can choose from. This is because we are aware that different clients have differing tastes and preferences. Our outdoor products are made of a blend of wood and plastic that ensure that these products are durable and safe to use. Furthermore, the blend also leaves the surface of these products with a shiny effect that lasts much longer than wood polish. Among the variety of products that we deal in include outdoor chairs, railings, fences, pet houses, dust bins, floor tiles among others.
Be part of the global environmental movement by opting to purchase environmental friendly products. WPCproducts are made of wood and plastic. The percentage of plastic is significantly high as compared to wood to ensure that pollution resulting from plastic is reduced, and overexploitation of forests is put under control.  Browse through the range of products that we offer in our site and you will definitely be amazed at the wonders in terms of design that can be achieved by using WPC