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Floor Coverings For The Balcony, Patio And Garden
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Floor coverings for the balcony, patio and garden

What new products are available in the booming outdoor living market? The trend is towards floor coverings that feel warm and welcoming and are easy to clean and care for – in the commercial sector and in the home.

Just as garden furniture is becoming more and more like the furniture we have in our living rooms, so outdoor flooring is now designed to make us feel more at home outdoors. So it's no coincidence that this section of the show is sited next door to the presentation area "Parquet, wood and laminate flooring": wood and wood composites are now migrating outdoors – to the balcony, patio and garden.

Wood feels warm and welcoming, and is good to walk on in bare feet. It is also very versatile and comparatively easy to work with. A floating floor of modular easy-fix decking boards can quickly be assembled to create the look and feel of traditional timber decking – perfect for rented apartments. Traditional outdoor timber species such as oak and ash are naturally hard and durable. At the same time softwoods such as pine or Douglas fir, thermally treated or impregnated to make them more weather-resistant, are becoming increasingly popular. Balau decking has been a huge success story, but it needs to be sourced from reputable suppliers.

Natural wood continues to face stiff competition from WPCs (wood plastic composites). The blend of synthetic resins and wood fibers combines the advantages of both materials, and the walking surface feels and looks like real wood. A wide range of patterns and color shades will be on show at DOMOTEX, and the product is also available in different grades, profiles and compositions.

Come and see for yourself what is happening in the fast-growing outdoor flooring segment, so you can update your customers on the key trends.