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WPC Floors – Potential Problems
- Dec 21, 2017 -

‘Wood Plastic Composite’, or WPC for short, is a composite material that impresses in outdoor areas compared with timber floorboards, in particular thanks to its easy-care properties and weather-resistance. In spite of these advantages, some owners of WPC terraces complain of deformation, scratches or even boards coming loose. We spoke to Nedjeljko Grežina from outdoor design firm Freiraumgestalter about the various types of damage and what causes them. Read on for practical tips on how to avoid damage and replace your floorboards in the event of damage.

Expert tips on buying floorboards

Choose good quality WPC floorboards to minimise the risk of damage from the outset. But how can you tell which products are good quality? WPC expert Nedjeljko Grežina from Freiraumgestalter offers the following three tips for buyers:

Don’t be tempted by products that are brand-new on the WPC market. Many new products have been taken off the market again quickly due to excessive complaints.

Do a thorough search for user reviews of your preferred product. If few users have had negative experiences with it, you can buy it without reservations.

However, even the best quality does not rule out damage. You should buy a few extra floorboards just in case, and store them in your garage, basement or loft until you need them.