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WPC Floors – Damage Due To Heavy Impact
- Dec 21, 2017 -

WPC Floors – Damage due to heavy impact

Extremely large hailstones are rare, but if the worst comes to the worst, heavy impacts like this can leave marks on WPC terraces. Also, minor damage occurs all the time when WPC is used in the hospitality sector, for example when heavy items are dropped onto the floorboards, causing light spots or even holes in the floors.

They can be avoided or removed as follows:

Hard blows can force the oxygen out of the floorboards, leaving light spots. "The spots fade again of their own accord after a while," explains the expert. If you want to remove the spots immediately yourself, BHWPC has the following advice: "Scrub your terrace with mild soap suds. That washes the spots away again."

If the heavy items fall directly onto a hollow chamber in a WPC floorboard, the main risk in that area is that the accident leaves a hole in the floorboard. "Solid floorboards are always a better choice for applications where that could happen," says BHWPC.