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WPC Floors – Damage Due To Mechanical Abrasion
- Dec 21, 2017 -

WPC Floors – Damage due to mechanical abrasion

In winter, road grit often sticks in your shoe treads. When you walk across your WPC terrace in the same shoes, you can cause scratches. Pets also leave scratches – if dogs or cats also use the terrace, their claws can also scrape tiny notches in the floorboards.

How to avoid this:

"When buying WPC floorboards, note the scratch resistance category. Especially if you have pets, you should never lay soft floorboards. On the other hand, hard WPC floorboards are not immune to scratches either. If you see a scratch, do not try to grind it away immediately (contrary to some cleaning tips)," says the expert. He advises owners to relax: "There will always be another scratch. And another. All together, they create a natural overall look."