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13 Standards, Such As Green Product Evaluation Of Wood-based Panels And Wood Flooring Were Approved
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Recently, the AQSIQ and the National Standard Committee issued the announcement of the thirtieth China national standard 2017, about the announcement of the 13 national standards such as the approval of green products evaluation, wood-based panels and wooden flooring.

It is reported that the approval of the 13 national standards for green evaluation series will be formally implemented in July 1, 2018

"Green product evaluation wood-based panel and wood floor" is the first batch of 13 green product evaluation and certification standards issued by the state. As an interior decoration material, wood-based panels and wood flooring are also important consumer goods, which are closely related to the life of consumers.

It is understood that the national standard of green products is the highest standard of the wood-based panel industry. After the promulgation and implementation of the standards, the products of wood-based panels and wooden flooring enterprises will be granted the national unified green product logo after certification by the certification bodies. The issuance of this standard is of great significance for promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's wood-based panel and wood flooring industry, achieving high-end guidance, improving the quality of consumer products and leading green consumption.