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WPC Fencing Reduce Environmental Pollution
- May 11, 2017 -

WPC Fencing Garden screen, no walls as heavy, you can use wood, iron, brick, green plant to build, light Smart, you can make a variety of decorative patterns, not only separated space function, but also a beautiful scenery in the yard The

Balcony fence: balcony, roof platform decoration and enclosure, mainly for villas, churches, schools, apartments, beach leisure and other places.

Stairs railings: generally designed for wood, can beautify the living room environment.

Garden fence: mainly used for garden villas, parks, schools, churches, apartments, seaside holiday homes and waterfront parks and other enclosures.

WPC Fencing Courtyards and community fences: usually white, suitable for villas and residential apartment buildings.

Grid type pvc fence: can be customized according to the requirements of the construction division and the developer, the fence of the bar is different, the formation of a variety of smooth curves, is a combination of art and engineering design.

Shielded pvc fence: This fence from the outside can not see the fence inside the scene, mainly for privacy requirements of the occasion. There is also a type of ventilation and ventilation, suitable for the requirements of the summer night in the yard cooler occasions.

WPC Fencing Flower bed fence: for the low fence, is the grass, entertainment, villas, parks ideal fence.

Pavilions and flower racks: for the assembled structure, not only very beautiful, and easy installation and quick, so that the surrounding environment more beautiful, it is pleasing to the eye. But also the villa backyard into a gorgeous garden, and expand the living space.

Heavy-duty pvc fence: made of galvanized steel coated PVC, suitable for large-scale venues or traffic protection, especially for high strength requirements of the occasion. Mainly for agricultural livestock captive, highways, large industrial bases and large-scale entertainment.

WPC Fencing The current fence products consumers on their living environment requirements are getting higher and higher, green consumption has become the dominant urban building consumer market, the concept of green consumption has brought a huge green business opportunities, therefore, to meet the green consumer demand, the development of high Performance, high-tech eco-city buildings and doors and windows, not only from the appearance of the building effect, the basic physical properties of the fence and the cost of their own thinking, but also the curtain wall and doors and windows of the overall design and ecological environment hook, WPC Fencing to reduce environmental pollution , To create a comfortable environment for people. According to expert analysis, the next few years, the fence industry will gradually enter the quiet development period, the market gradually revealed eight development trend to form a large enterprise-led, small and medium enterprises to support the market structure.