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How To Protect The Outdoor Wood Flooring
- Apr 20, 2017 -

How to protect the outdoor wood flooring

First, outdoor and indoor wood flooring use process should be careful not to use easy to damage 

the film of hard objects or tools to scratch the surface of the floor is not easy to remove the 


Second, rough, bulky, and high hardness of the items, we should pay attention to avoid sharp 

objects, hard objects scratched, can not be placed on the wooden floor drag.

Third, the placement of tables and chairs, it is best in the ground pad on the protective pad. 

Moisture-proof work should be done before the floor pavement, do not use the high water content of

 the plywood and wood, while paving the moisture layer.

Fourth, the daily cleaning process, it is best not too wet mop mopping the floor. If you do not 

accidentally sprinkle the water, in a timely manner with a soft cloth to clean, keep dry.

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