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WPC DIY Tiles Rich Texture, Stain Resistance
- Jun 01, 2017 -

WPC DIY Tiles it can be used in the ground, the wall, and some also used in the kitchen stove, how to choose for the WPC DIY Tiless, first of all we have to know the following from the following WPC DIY Tiless.

First, the type of WPC DIY Tiless

On the type of WPC DIY Tiless, we listen to the most WPC DIY Tiless nouns are polished WPC DIY Tiless, throw glazed WPC DIY Tiless, quintana bricks, antique WPC DIY Tiless, WPC DIY Tiless, mosaic, microcrystalline stone;

1Polished WPC DIY Tiless:

It is the most common and most commonly used kind of brick, because the brick surface (thickness of about 3-4mm fabric layer) after polishing, so it has a bright, high hardness, wear resistance and other characteristics, but More afraid of dirty, commonly used in the living room, restaurants and other public areas;

02Glazed WPC DIY Tiless

It can be classified all cast glaze and semi-glaze glaze, all throw is the surface of the flat, smooth, bright, and half-throw is to feel a sense of concavity, protruding to the place after the glaze, and concave did not throw glaze , It has the advantage of colorful texture rich, resistant, but the wear resistance is not polished WPC DIY Tiless strong, generally in addition to the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, other places are applicable;

03Whole body bricks:

The above-mentioned polished WPC DIY Tiless, in fact, is a kind of quintana brick, the whole body is the surface with the bottom are the same color and material, if the surface is polished polished WPC DIY Tiless, quintana brick with good wear resistance advantages, commonly used in Indoor and outdoor wall, ground

04Antique brick

It is a kind of glazed WPC DIY Tiless, that is, on the surface of the porcelain WPC DIY Tiless on the glaze, deliberately make a kind of old, antique effect, such as the years of the ring, the vicissitudes of history, the general antique WPC DIY Tiless are non-slip The advantages, and often used in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, of course, can also be used in guest restaurants,

05WPC DIY Tiless:

The thickness of the WPC DIY Tiless is thin, the WPC DIY Tiless are used in the wall, the service life is different, the WPC DIY Tiless are shorter, the WPC DIY Tiless are long, the water rate is different, the water absorption rate of the WPC DIY Tiless is much higher, Must be soaked, otherwise it will absorb the moisture of cement, which led to Qiao off off and other issues;


There are WPC DIY Tiless, and glass, it is composed of a small piece of brick brick, so its color, rich style, can be a good highlight of the owner's personality and taste, and it can be widely used in many places , Can also be used as a stone, background wall, etc .;

07Ceramic stone:

It is a new type of building materials, with a strong gloss and permeability, to do the effect is more on the grade, luxury, the price is more expensive, so often used in the TV backdrop;

Second, how to choose WPC DIY Tiless, how to identify it's good or bad?