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Wall Panels Impact Resistance, Wear Resistance
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Buy a house is a big thing in life, but the house is not a small matter. Reasonable purchase of decoration materials related to their own and the whole family happy life Kang. Authoritative experts pointed out that the housing decoration should choose a regular brand, do not covet small profits, buy some poor quality and environmental protection index is not up to the product.

Decoration can best reflect the idea of the owners. Want to want low-carbon, do not want to health, you have to look at the owner of the decoration with environmentally friendly decorative materials. Oxygen art wall to a variety of environmentally friendly materials as the main raw material, the use of polymer film heat paste paste technology one-time molding, is the first suitable for the Chinese market, ecological decorative wall panels. Unique selection of the cast of the Jazz sent decorative green features, can absorb and decompose indoor toxic and harmful gases, lasting to keep fresh air.

Oxygen art wall is simple, it is the most suitable decoration of modern decoration materials, according to the size of the size of the size of the tailored, the maximum reduction in the cost of home decoration materials waste. At the same time easy to install, do not need to shovel the wall, rough to the wall, save time, labor, save money, fully able to achieve a variety of flat, three-dimensional, relief, soft bag and other effects, compared to traditional decoration materials at least save 5cm ~ 10cm thickness, so that the overall home more 4D three-dimensional sense.

Wall Panels optional finger bar aerobic art wall to make home more warm and environmentally friendly

Aerobic art wall to help you get a one-stop house decoration! Aerobic art wall set of personalized, environmentally friendly, safe, convenient as one, can be applied to a variety of architectural scenes, is the best choice in recent years, interior decoration! Today, the market complex dazzling decorative panels dull, how to choose has become a major problem? The following natural headquarters to answer for you.

1, the Wall Panels of the purchase skills

① from the type of substrate can be divided into two categories of wood and plastic, of which wood can be divided into strip profiles and the entire sheet of two;

② from the substrate processing technology can be divided into solid wood composite panels, MDF and plywood three. No matter what kind of material, the surface has been processed, with pure natural wood texture, imitation wood, imitation stone, imitation tile, imitation wallpaper, wood sticks, Ash, teak, oak, and other color patterns, family Decoration in the application of more solid wood composite Wall Panels.

2, the quality of the wall panels

Selection of the quality of the wall can be identified from both inside and outside. The inherent quality of the main surface of the test and the hardness of the substrate and the surface of the bonding surface of the firm, good quality products, the surface decoration material hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance, with a knife and other scratched surface no obvious scars, And the substrate without separation from the phenomenon. Appearance quality mainly detects the degree of simulation, good quality products, pattern realistic, uniform processing specifications, splicing freely, decorative effect is good. Striped wall panels should be sealed in plastic, without distortion.