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Why Do We Have Air Conditioning Guardrails
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Hot summer, leave the air conditioning of the minute you hot dog, for coastal cities, in summer not only hot weather, but also the seasons of the typhoon, the ninth typhoon this year, "can hung" with storm and storm, swept Zhejiang, many coastal cities and wind and rain. It has brought great harm and loss to coastal areas.

Do you think about the safety of the air conditioning outdoors in your home in this season of heavy rain and heavy rain? If accidents occur, small ones affect the use of air conditioners, which will cause safety hazards, especially in a high - level chassis, which will hit a pedestrian or building downstairs once the wind is blown off.

In this case, we'd better make a guardrail around the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to protect the machine. So how to choose the appropriate air conditioning guardrail? Before it is usually made of plastic and metal, but they all have their own shortcomings, plastic can not survive the outdoor wind and rain, after a year and a half, plastic will fade, brittle, easy to break. Metals are also hard to survive. They are easy to rust and rot for outdoor use. They are not only ugly in appearance, but also affect safety.

PE wood plastic composite has just solved the problem of the above material perfectly. Its waterproof, antiseptic and moth proof characteristics make it professional outdoor. So far, many coastal cities have taken this problem into consideration when designing building buildings. In outdoor design, the air conditioning protection bar will be designed well and PE wood plastic composite is specified. Material Science。

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