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The Difference Between Solid Wood Flooring And Wood Plastic Flooring Is So Large
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Now a lot of people decorate the new house when the installation of the floor is also more and more attention, speaking of the floor, the general living room now is still ceramic tiles, marble, but in the living room more and more people use wood floor bedroom, after all, the wooden floor is beautiful and natural, the comfort is also available, the price is cheaper, the construction is also comparison. Simple. But there are quite a few kinds of wood flooring on the market. Xiaobian is going to tell you about solid wood flooring and wood plastic flooring today.

Solid wood flooring

Solid wood floor as its name implies is natural wood after drying processing, can also call it the log floor, it looks very natural, is a bad conductor of heat, warm in summer, cool in the summer, comfortable foot feeling, basically will not distribute the harmful substances to the human body, it is the ideal material for the floor repair of the bedroom, the living room, the study. Solid wood flooring is classified into grade AA, Grade A and B according to grade, of which AA grade is the best quality solid wood flooring.

Wood plastic floor is generally installed in the indoor PVC wood plastic floor, wood plastic floor only surface is solid wood, the other layers of glue adhesive, environmental protection, foot feeling is not as solid wood floor, but its stability is very good, suitable for geothermal. The price is also lower than the real wood. Solid wood composite flooring has both the stability of the flooring and the aesthetics of the solid wood flooring, and has the advantage of environmental protection. Usually, the composite floor has four layers of structure, mainly wear-resisting layer, base material layer, decorative layer and bottom layer.

Wood plastic floor

The two main differences in the solid wood floor in the safety and environmental protection, the use of natural wood floor of wood is of course the best product of environmental protection, and PVC wood plastic floor more or less use some additives, so its formaldehyde and other indicators are beyond the solid wood floor. People who prefer health care should prefer solid wood flooring. As well as the deformation aspect, the solid wood floor is made of pure natural wood raw material, unprocessed and unprocessed. Naturally, the nature also receives the characteristic of the wood, which is easy to arch and deform. And after processing, PVC wood plastic floor generally does not appear this kind of phenomenon.

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