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Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor Basic Materials With Diverse Morphological Structures
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor are sawdust, sawdust, bamboo shavings, rice husk, millet bran, peanut shell, cotton straw, such as low plant biomass fiber raw materials, the use of polymer interface chemical principle and plastic filler modified characteristics, mixing a certain proportion of plastic base material, after special process treatment molding a reversible recycling, covering a wide range of products , a variety of basic materials of morphological structure. At present, at home and abroad on this appellation is different, but also known as plastic wood, environmental protection wood, science and technology wood, recycled wood, polymerization wood and so on, English name: Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor, abbreviated to WPC. It has all the properties of wood processing.

This new type of material has five main features:

1. Raw material resources: the biomass materials are basically used as waste, with a wide range of sources and low value, the requirements of plastic components are not high, new,Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor old materials or mixtures can be, fully embodies the comprehensive utilization of resources and effective use.

2. Products can be plastic: wood plastic products for synthetic products, according to the requirements of the use of random adjustment of product technology and formulations,Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor so as to produce different properties and shape of materials, its profile utilization rate of nearly 100%.

3. Use of environmental protection: wood/plastic materials and common additives are safe and environmental protection, non-toxic harmless, its production and processing process will not produce toxic side effects, so the human body and the environment are not a dangerous register.

4. Cost economy: Wood and plastic products to achieve low-cost plant materials to pump high value-added products transfer, not only the maintenance costs are very low, and product life span of wood, comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages.

5. Recycling and biochemistry: Wood plastic materials scrap products and recycled waste can be 100% of renewable use, and will not affect the performance of products, can truly achieve "reduction, biochemical, resource" cycle to the relief model.

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