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Consumers Are Careful To Deal With The Five Big Killers Of The Floor.
- Dec 20, 2017 -

Water: because of the natural characteristics of wood, it will expand when it meets water and is dampened.

Light: the wood floor, because of its wood properties, can not be exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays for a long time, and shading with curtains and other objects when necessary.

Furniture weight: furniture, table, chair move or use roller chair, easy to cause floor scraping. It should be lightly put and put on the furniture, table, chair foot and cushion protection to prolong the service life of the floor.

Item: avoid high temperature heater or other heating appliances placed directly on the floor.

Insects: the floor will not be termite in high temperature and high pressure during the production process, but it may cause insects to come in because of the environment in construction. If this happens, please use insecticide to spray it.

Corrosion agent: avoid the use of various chemicals on the floor, if not carefully sprinkled on the floor, please wipe it as quickly as possible.

Chemicals: it is difficult to clear the floor, if it is polluted by the solution of hair dye, shoe oil and so on. Avoid using chemical reagents to wipe the floor, or the floor will whiten. The wet chemical rag is easily discoloration of the floor if it is placed on the floor for a long time.