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Ten Major Events In The Flooring Industry In 2017(二)
- Dec 21, 2017 -

3, key words: brand war upgrade

Event: from January 2017 onwards, Dekor, nature, the elephant and Yongji and many other brands have landed CCTV, CNR, national rail and airport high-end advertising platform. Especially during the 3.15 party, and Del, were the Dekor flooring brand sponsors, with three seats ranked as the highest degree of industry.

Comment: in 2017, the further increase of the brand concentration of the flooring industry and the clear division between the diversified brand and the specialized brand made the brand competition intensity continue to rise, and the new round of brand promotion war upgraded. Who will stand out, shuffle floor industry brand TOP10 list, is coming out of the water.

4, key words: weekly quality report exposure

Event: in February 2017 CCTV's weekly quality report reported that the quality inspection bureau of Shanghai city for the test results of formaldehyde emissions from composite floor for the floor heating environment: at 35 degrees, there were 5 batches exceeding the standard; at 50 degrees, 19 batches exceeded the standard. In May, the China Consumers' Association surveyed 30 three floor solid wood flooring products. Among them, 4 imported brands of high and the United States agents were far inferior to the domestic brands in many indicators.

Ten major events of the year of the floor industry

Comment: the problem of compound floor for the danger of formaldehyde exceeding the standard in the ground heating is a commonplace. CCTV's weekly quality report is pushing it onto the cusp again, which is bound to accelerate the process of composite floor heating. Similarly, the foreign moon does not have to be more round, and the myth of a higher quality of the foreign brand composite floor is beginning to break.

5, key words: geothermal floor tuyere

In March 2017 21 - 23 events: the opening of the Shanghai building materials exhibition, opened the first area of geothermal floor, and officially as the core section, and meet as equals imported floor, become the focus of one of the two major industries. Also in the same period of the exhibition, the Chinese was awarded the first "association of HVAC Chinese heating industry recommended geothermal solid wood flooring brand".

Comment: as the world flooring industry benchmark, Shanghai wood show for the first time opened area of geothermal floor action, reflects the change of the current floor industry pattern and the direction of future development, and for the first time publicly recommended HVAC industry geothermal solid wood flooring brands, shows that the flooring industry and HVAC industry to the extremely optimistic, there has been two major industries to boost the trend.

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