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Classification Of Laminate Flooring
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring laminate flooring is popular in recent years. Official scientific name: impregnated paper laminate wood floor. It is crushed in the logs, add plastic, preservatives, additives, hot pressing machine under high temperature and pressure from the processing, it broke the physical structure of the logs, to overcome the weakness of poor stability of the logs. Composite floor of high strength, uniform size, high wear resistance, corrosion, moth and decorative effect is good, to overcome the wood surface scar node, eye, color problems. Laminated wood flooring without waxing, the use of a wide range of easy to care, is the most suitable for the pace of modern family life, ground materials. In addition the high utilization of wood flooring, is a good environmentally friendly materials.

Strengthen the eco-level plan of the floor plan

Strengthen the environmental level of the floor, the most stringent national regulations, (the new national standard GB / T18102-2007) for the E1 and E0 two levels, JAS star standard F3 star floor F4 star floor is the world's most stringent test formaldehyde, F4 Star floor can reach the formaldehyde emission of solid wood. Most of the domestic floor manufacturers have a certain degree of difficulty, yet to join our national standards. Therefore, to achieve this level of the floor must have the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and National Standards Inspection and testing, certification after the certification to market.


Solid wood composite wood floor is divided into three layers of parquet, multi-layer parquet, three new parquet, because it is a staggered laminated different species of sheet metal, thus overcoming the shortcomings of one-way solid wood flooring, Dry shrinkage rate is small, with good dimensional stability, and retains the natural wood grain wood floor and comfortable foot feeling. Parquet and reinforced composite wood flooring and the aesthetics of solid wood flooring in one, and has environmental advantages, high performance value of the new parquet, the flooring industry should be the development trend.

Parquet environmental protection level planning

And strengthen the same level of the floor, divided into E1 and E0 two levels. Because the market price is between strengthening and solid wood prices, the floor of the environment to achieve E0 cost will be close to the price of solid wood flooring, so the market to the main E1 grade environmental protection.

PVC composite floor

Multi-layer composite PVC flooring means that it is a multi-layer structure, usually by 4 to 5 layers of laminated structure, generally wear layer (including UV treatment), printing film, fiberglass layer, flexible hair Bubble, grassroots and so on.

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