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Correctly Identify The Floor Life And Cost
- Feb 11, 2018 -

General publicity that the quality assurance manufacturers 10 to 15 years, I have even seen a package of life. In fact, mainly to strengthen the life of the floor surface wear layer is good or bad and the quality of the substrate decision. If you choose a better wear-resistant layer, the substrate is also better water resistance, home use more than 20 years is no problem. The price is more chaotic, the lowest ten yuan to five hundred yuan have. Mainly is the environmental performance, wear resistance, flame retardant, water swelling performance, determine the price difference, in addition to some high-grade laminate flooring with the above-mentioned high performance, color, surface treatment, such as syncline, Pearl noodles, specular highlights and art processing will also cause price differences.

2) Multi-layer parquet

Multi-layer solid wood environmental performance with the reinforced floor almost the same grade in Europe, the difference is more like a solid wood floor, but because he is plywood stick veneer, so less environmentally friendly control, as for the service life of all flooring species , He is the shortest, and some even not exceed 1 year, thanks to the surface paint, paint a bad, you remove the floor it, no repair, the market has a surface layer of 2mm or so of solid wood, claiming Can be polished N times, but because he is peeling or sliced skin, once polished easy to crack, to dispel this idea. Multi-layer wood composite prices are generally between 100 to 130 yuan, there may be cheaper, slightly more expensive imports of solid wood, Japan's products are mostly too scarce resources in Japan, the environmental protection concept is quite good. The floor surface is all 0.6mm, Japan artificial and expensive, the natural floor price higher.

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