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Wood Flooring In Addition To The Installation But Also Consider How Long Stay
- Mar 31, 2017 -

Wood flooring in addition to the installation but also consider how long stay

 For the modern people's residential decoration, people's residential ground will choose to use

 wooden floor to decorate the ground. But we all know that everyone for the new home has a very

 unique sense of temptation, wait for them to go immediately to live. This is probably the 

temptation to go home!

   Of course, we still have to be safe and hard, do not be too hasty.

    After the laying of wood flooring can not immediately stay, the new wooden floor suggested 

after two or three days to see if there is any problem and then stay ~ why is it not installed 

on the finished thing?

    Wood flooring is selected from natural wood, the logs, billet, moisture treatment, Seiko 

slotted, surface finish combined with a few pieces of film from the refined, it is its natural

 fragrance, durable and so on is the first choice for high-end home decoration. In the use of 

solid wood flooring, maintenance and proper use, can keep the floor as new as the new.

    After the completion of the installation of the wooden floor of the home, we should pay 

attention not to immediately stay, it is best to recommend after the pavement in 48 hours to 7 ,

days to stay (but if for some reason to stay, then pay attention to keep the room air Circulation)

 because even the best natural wood flooring products have their natural qualities, the wood floor

 itself will be with the surrounding environment for a certain degree of humidity exchange (which

 is to adapt to the new environment of the process), resulting in some changes in the size of the