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What Is The Flaxseed Floor Material
- Dec 20, 2017 -

Flax seed, an entirely natural flooring, the red brown small fruit, rich in Omega three fatty acids (Omega-3), edible herbs can promote strong liver secretion, make the body metabolism in normal operation, to help prevent heart disease and other chronic disease effect.

In fact, many European countries, such as Germany, France and Britain, often use this natural grass plant in almost all traditional extravagant environmental building materials. But in the 30s of last century, linen floor was directly covered with glue on the cement floor. Construction is very difficult. If the indoor temperature is too low or the ground is not smooth, the flax floor will break easily.

Therefore, the product must be installed quickly with strong glue, but this may cause indoor formaldehyde pollution. The industry has been worried about not finding the right glue free installation mode. The world's first linseed oil, limestone, cork, wood powder, natural resin, jute and flax as the floor surface, and with the European spruce density board and cork floor bottom pressed flax flooring products on the classic Meister Werke SCHULTE (Masd. Shure) floor "named" and contact the National Nature Fund; FSC forest certification. To improve the immunity and health care, energy of the Bonn natural flax seed oil is mixed and pressed, SCHULTE (Shure) that one of the advantages of traditional family pride, after nearly a century, SCHULTE (Shure) and cork floor area become one of the best brands, and become a a symbol of health Home Furnishing European high society.