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Three Tactics To Identify Plastic Wood Flooring Quality
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Identify quality from WPC flooring surfaces

When you get a sample of WPC flooring, first of all, customers can first smell is not an unpleasant taste, if the pungent description of poor quality of raw materials purchased by the manufacturer, the quality of raw materials directly related to the useful life of the floor. Second, the use of hard objects to scratch the surface of the wooden floor is not easy to play, if it is that the plastic wood floor strength is not high, prone to rupture.

Wall thickness from plastic wood floor identification

After getting samples, customers can check the WPC floor wall thickness, wall WPC floor deformation coefficient, low compressive strength, easy to crack. Some manufacturers face the price war, send samples of the product and the wall thickness is completely different.

Wood plastic floor from the price identification

Customers in the purchase of plastic wood flooring, the price factor is often the most fundamental factor. In fact, this idea is wrong, think about it, plastic wood flooring cheaper or even lower than the normal market price, this product can only be used for 1 year, the latter part of the serious damage to the need to maintain or even re-purchase, really "lost his wife Another soldier. " The price of plastic wood floor a little higher, the service life of up to 5 years or even longer. It seems this comparison, the price factor can identify plastic wood flooring quality.

Believe that customers learn the three strokes, certainly learn how to identify plastic wood flooring quality. Believe that as long as plastic wood flooring high quality, fair and reasonable price, will certainly become the customer's first choice.

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