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The New Material Of Wood Plastic Composite Has Five Characteristics
- Mar 07, 2018 -

The new material of wood plastic composite has five characteristics:

1., resource utilization: its biomass material is basically used for waste. Its source is wide and its value is low. The demand for plastic components is not high. New old materials or mixtures can all reflect the comprehensive utilization and effective utilization of resources.

2., products can be plasticized: wood and plastic products are man-made synthetic products. According to the requirements of application, products and processes can be randomly adjusted to produce different performance and shape materials, and the utilization rate of profiles is close to 100%.

3., the use of environmental protection: wood plastic material and its commonly used auxiliaries of wood plastic materials are all safe, environmental friendly, non-toxic and harmless. There will be no toxic and side effects during their production and processing, so they do not constitute a danger register for human and environment.

4., the cost is economization: wood and plastic products achieve the transfer of high priced materials and high value-added products. The cost of maintenance is very low, and the life of products is several times higher than that of natural wood. 5., recycling and regenerating: wood and plastic scrap products and recycling products can be recycled 100%, and will not affect the performance of products, and can really achieve the "reduction, re biochemistry, resource recycling" mode.

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