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The Comparison Of The Characteristics Of The Five Kinds Of Wood Flooring(一)
- Dec 20, 2017 -

A few years ago, people in the choice of materials for room ground, many sights on the tiles, tiles, stone and other materials, now has become the protagonist of the ground floor, occupied in the home position has become more important, affecting the success of floor material quality of the decoration is also very large. At present, there are mainly five kinds of wood flooring for building materials on the market of building materials, which can be chosen by consumers. These five floors have their own advantages and characteristics. After comparison, there must be one suitable for you.

As the name suggests, the solid wood floor is the floor decoration materials wood dried, processed form, to maintain the basic raw material natural pattern, comfortable and safe use of its main features. The solid wood floor is made from natural trees, so "environmental protection" is a major feature. In respect of nature, recover the original simplicity today, solid wood flooring is mainly used for home decoration, bedroom, living room, study and other common ground in its presence.

From the wood floor material species very much, so the price difference is very big, there are precious rosewood, teak, maple wood, a relatively common oak, ash, pine, fir, a cheap. The types of decoration materials on the market are mainly solid wood flooring parquet flooring, parquet floor, fight side floor, vertical wooden floor is not favored by consumers, the market share accounted for too much. The price is generally between 100~400 yuan / per square meter, and the price is nearly 1000 yuan. Therefore, there are people in the industry that the price factor is an important factor restricting the sales of solid wood floor, only the better economic conditions of consumers will be used.

There is no perfect thing in the world, and so is the solid wood floor, and its biggest disadvantage is easy to deform, which is also a barrier to purchase.

Composite wood flooring, also known as laminate flooring, is made of hard fibreboard and MDF as the base material. The surface is coated with melamine and three oxide two aluminum and other wearable materials. The original wood floor with particleboard as the base material has been gradually eliminated by the market.

The raw material of cork products is the bark of oak trees growing along the Mediterranean coast. The most familiar cork products are the cork of the grape wine bottle and the head of the badminton. Its main characteristics are light weight, buoyancy, strong flexibility, flexibility, compression, impervious, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, poor conductivity, heat insulation, sound insulation, strong insulation, friction resistance, no flammability, delay of fire spread and no allergic reaction.

The other big use of cork is to make the floor. The floor made of cork can satisfy people's requirements for the floor's warm, soft, harmless and low noise, especially the cork floor's sound insulation function is more outstanding. Insiders say, cork flooring has the advantages of environmental protection, moisture proof, abrasion resistance, excellent flame resistance, not afraid of insects and comfortable etc., the glass fell to the floor will not break the cork.

However, the price of cork flooring is not bad, so that only consumers with certain economic strength will accept it. The "noble" stalls are discouraged by ordinary consumers.