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The Benefits Of WPC Fencing
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The advantage of WPC Fencing is that fencing is a symbol of graceful movement in many Hangzhou friends.

WPC Fencing is one to one against the combat project, with strong technical nature, complicated movements on hand, fast and frequent movement of step method and fast attack and defense conversion, which requires athletes to compete in fast, complex and changeable combat and complete a series of sports qualities based on strength, speed, flexibility, coordination and endurance. The basic offensive and defensive actions, of course, play a very direct role in the cultivation of these sports qualities.

At the same time, fencing is a wise man's movement. In order to overcome the opponent, children must continue to analyze their opponents during the practice of fencing. By observing and judging, removing the false images, identifying the true and false, catching their essence, and guiding their actions with rapid and accurate conclusions. Therefore, fencing can cultivate a variety of sports qualities and physical qualities and etiquette of children, exercise agile and flexible thinking, the ability to adapt to the opportunity and the various psychological qualities that overcome the difficulties.

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