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Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor Environmental Safety, High Strength, Anti-cracking Anti-corrosion
- Jun 23, 2017 -

As a green wood materials fans, small feet today want to talk to you Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor's past life!

Wood plastic composite (Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor) is a new material made of biomass material and thermoplastics. Among them, biomass materials include wood flour, wheat straw, rice bran, linen and so on. Thermoplastics can use polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other materials according to the different uses. Of wood plastic outdoor flooring in the plastic is the performance of outstanding, stable quality of HDPE and PP.

Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor is a young, vibrant industry, its growth history, but a hundred years, the formal settled in China, but also more than 20 years time. After many years of unremitting efforts, especially in the wood-plastic composite materials successfully participated in the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games venues, the "wood-plastic composite materials" is famous, the momentum of development in the ascendant. But the Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor this Ngau Tzu in the early days of birth, for a long time because of the performance of the instability and defects were left out.

In 1907, the Belgian-American Bakerland (Baekeland) on the phenolic resin (commonly known as bakelite, can be used to make insulation board, insulation materials, etc.) after a systematic study, found in the phenolic resin by adding wood flour or a mixture of certain fibers Material can overcome the shortcomings of phenolic resin brittleness. At the same time put forward the phenolic resin heat curing method, to obtain the true sense of the synthetic plastic - phenolic plastic. However, due to the level of scientific development and technical constraints, the initial product has flash, burr and other shortcomings, and thus the application is limited.

In 1910, Germany, Berlin built the world's first synthetic phenolic resin and plastic business, but also the world's first production of synthetic polymer compounds business, creating a human synthetic polymer era.

In 1916, Rolls-Royce Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor (early phenolic resin products) for the shift gear handle, is the technology of the first industrial products. But because of the compatibility between wood flour and plastic poor, this product has not been promoted.

In 1963, Bridgeford invented a catalytic reaction system containing iron cations and hydrogen peroxide, grafting unsaturated monomers onto wood fibers, effectively improving the relationship between wood fibers and plastics compatibility. Then in 1964, wood-plastic composite materials known as one of the world's top ten scientific achievements.

In 1967, the International Atomic Energy Association held a large international conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Wood-plastic composites were listed as research projects on the peaceful use of atomic energy. Soon, the coupling agent (then known as the horizontal joint agent) formally applied to the wood fiber and plastic composite materials, making the interface characteristics of both compared with the previous has been greatly improved, the physical and mechanical properties of the composite has been very Big improvement.

In the 1980s, Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor began to be used in the automotive industry. 90 years of 90 years, Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor into the building materials market, also began to cut a striking figure in the Chinese market.

Into the 21st century, wood-plastic industry has been faster and more comprehensive development. At present, Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor has been widely used in outdoor flooring, outdoor wallboard, fence, plank road, flower box and other fields because of its environmental protection, high strength, anti-cracking and anti-corrosion, long service life and low maintenance cost. Consumers welcome.

Although our country in this industry compared to North America started late, but our lovely Chinese people has always been proud of hard work and wisdom, and constantly strive to innovation, the once "exotic" to create a wind and water, so that the young wood Material manufacturing industry has become one of the few manufacturing industries in China, and can enjoy equal rights with manufacturers in Europe and the United States.