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How To Choose Your Composite Decking Board Color
- Jul 05, 2018 -

1. Think about where the decking will be laid.

As with any material when laid in the sun for long periods of time it will get warm. Darker colors such as black/charcoal naturally attract more heat. It's worth considering this when choosing your decking colour, if the decking area is going to be in direct sunlight all day every day you may wish to choose a lighter board to help with the temperature such as the teak or light Grey board. It is worth considering installing a sun umbrella, or shade nets to help with sun exposure. If the composite decking is going in a shady spot then the colour may be less of a factor with regards to heat. You may also wish to consider how much you will be walking on it from the garden, naturally black shows a lot of lighter marks such as dust and footprints, this can also be the case with lighter materials. Thinking about your kitchen floor and which show the most/least amount of dirt may also be a factor in choosing your colour. Slate floors for example can show a lot of marks where as a cream stone floor shows less of day to day dirt.

2. Consider colors around the decking area.

Consider what will be surrounding the composite decking area, have you got a fence near it? A painted white wall? Greenery? Trees? All of these things can affect how your decking will look once laid. For example, if you are looking to lay coffee colour decking but you have a brown timber fence which needs painting, the decking may accentuate the look of this.  
Your house is a huge factor of any garden as its seen from most angles so you will want to compliment this, a modern contemporary house may benefit from fresh Grey tones of decking. Likewise, a country cottage may prefer the more neutral coffee colour decking.

If your home is modern contemporary new build you may wish to look at the stone Grey or light Grey decking boards as these give a fantastic modern crisp appearance. If your home is yellow or beige the coffee colour decking boards will likely complement this better.  If your home is traditional white colour then most composite decking board colors will work well against this as its a blank canvas.

4. Symmetry

In the summer there’s no greater feeling than having the doors open and expanding your living space from house to garden. When moving from house to garden you will want to consider the visual transition as well as the practicality. For this reason, you may want to consider a composite decking board colour that is similar to your indoor flooring colour. This will minimize the visual disconnect between the spaces to create a larger free-flowing area, much like when you have a kitchen diner - the spaces soon compliment each other and create a blissful area.

5. Use different colour boards

Think about using one colour for the main area of the decking but creating a contrasting boarder for the rest. Colors such as black/charcoal and the light Grey work well together to create a unique and modern effect.