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Composite Decking Aesthetics Of Environmental Advantages
- Aug 15, 2017 -

In the home decoration, many friends will choose Composite Decking. Composite Decking is a Composite Decking, it is made of different species of sheet metal staggered laminated, both to strengthen the stability of the floor and Composite Decking aesthetics, but also has environmental advantages.

So what kind of Composite Decking? In the purchase of the need to pay attention to what issues? Let's take a look at it.

Composite Decking can be divided into three layers of Composite Decking, multi-layer parquet two categories.

Three-layer structure of solid wood composite floor, formed by the three layers of solid wood staggered laminated, the surface of high-quality hardwood lath mosaic, commonly used trees for the ash, birch, beech, oak, maple, cherry and so on. The middle of the cork lumber, the bottom of the peeling veneer, arranged in a criss-crossing. This structure makes the three-layer Composite Decking both the advantages of ordinary Composite Decking, but also effectively adjust the wood between the internal stress, improved wood with the seasonal changes in dry and wet shortcomings.

Multi-layer parquet is divided into two parts: the top of the table and the underlying substrate, the substrate layer depends on the design thickness of the floor. Multilayer Composite Decking between each layer are criss-cross structure, between layers and layers to contain each other, so that the deformation of the wood caused by internal stress repeatedly offset, so it is the stability of Composite Decking the most reliable.

In contrast, both the panel (or panel), or the substrate, or environmental aspects of view, three-tier parquet are relatively multi-layer solid wood composite flooring; and multi-layer Composite Decking advantage is Its stability and price.

Buy skills

In the purchase of Composite Decking, Xiao Bian suggested friends from the following aspects to grasp:

1. Look at the product specifications, determine the life of the Composite Decking is mainly its surface, the thicker the surface of the plate on behalf of the more wear on the floor.

2. Look at the accuracy, high precision machining is the biggest advantage of Composite Decking, when the purchase must be observed about the two pieces of the floor between the stitching is tight, there is no obvious difference between the level.

3. Look at the surface of the film, the general high-grade solid wood composite flooring are used advanced UV matte paint, wear resistance.

4. Look at the compound, solid wood composite floor adhesives are generally used urea-formaldehyde resin, but high-grade environmentally friendly wood composite flooring, you must use low formaldehyde content of the compound. Everyone in the purchase must see the environmental indicators test report.

5. To see aftermarket, consumers should be the future of pavement, after-sales questions asked clearly, it is best to adhere to "who sells the floor who is responsible for construction and after-sales service" principle.

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