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Wpc Wall Panel

Wpc Wall Panel

water-proof,Anti-UV; Elegant wood-look and touch; No cracking,never splinters; No hazardous chemicals,entirely ecological; More durable & easily installed; Unaffected by parasites;

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Wpc Wall Panel    Characteristics

1.With high density,high strength and good looking
2.Non absorbent,effectively prevent the decay and damage

3.Advocating environmental protection,back to nature

4.Creating beautiful and comfortable land

Wpc Wall Panel features:

1. High recyclable, eco-friendly and saves forest resources

2. With appearance of natural wood but less timber problems

3. Moisture resistant/waterproof, less rotten and proven under salt water condition

4. Barefoot-friendly, anti-slip, less cracking and less warping

5. Requires no painting/glue

6. Weather resistant and anti-UV

Wpc Wall Panel   Application

1) Having usual features of WPC products

2) High strength, good toughness, non-deformation, non-cracking

3) Available for nailing, drilling, sawing with good nail-holding ability

4) Available for glue, painting, covering and other after-treatments

5) Non-formaldehyde, Ammonia, Bezene and other decoration pollutions

6) Environment-friendly 100% recyclable saving forest resources

7) Cold and heat resistant, anti-aging, anti-flame and fire extinguishing

8) Water/moisture/moth/pests proofing, corrosion resisting

9) Long lifetime of 10~15 years

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