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Aluminium Pergola Customized

Aluminium Pergola Customized

Good Quantity Easy Assembly Aluminium Pergola Customized Aluminium Terrace Roof

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Product Details

Dear Customers, as it is customized product to order, design and price are diversified, please send inquiry to us to discuss more. 

If you can draw it, we can customize it for you

● Aluminum Pergola  ● Weather Durable Finsh

● Rainproof Blade       ● Multiple Mounting Options

● Electrical Control     ● Customized CAD & 3D Design

Bohan waterproof aluminum pergola opening roof louver is also called aluminum opening roofs, normally used for true outdoor living. Bohan Opening Roofs create additional living spaces that are customised to your home and let you make the most of the great outdoors by maximising daylight and offering weatherproof protection when it rains.

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