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Wulv Floor Pay Attention To Moisture
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Humidity adjustment should be flexible, the floor is very sensitive to the humidity of the air, too humid air, floor moldy deformation. In wet time, the floor is easy to absorb water swelling, causing arch, deformation and so on. In the hot weather, the surface of the water vapor often need to dry with a dry cloth, but also need to regularly open the air conditioning dehumidification function dehumidification. Indoor ventilation also need timely manner, noon air humidity at the highest value, should not open the window, the general choice of afternoon dry window adjustment.

Temperature regulation pay attention to seasonal, different seasons climate, the maintenance of the floor according to the climate changes, timely measures. In the hot season, the floor tends to swell. Therefore, the shop floor space must be air-conditioned or electric fans to cool the floor, Paul keep cool. In the cold season, after the cold floor joints will become larger. Maintenance should pay attention to indoor ventilation time should not be too long.

Select moisture-proof materials, moisture resistance is the most important wood flooring technical indicators. Moisture resistance is not good floor, long time in the geothermal "steaming", once the moisture into the floor edge must be warped, resulting in damage to the floor. The high-quality flooring used in high-density substrate, excellent moisture resistance, absorbent thickness expansion rate far less than the national standard. In addition, the special wear-resistant layer, decorative paper, the balance layer, the substrate can be well "closed" to ensure that the overall floor moisture better.

Pavement should be noted that the floor is not random pavement, the temperature difference between day and night in spring, so the floor and floor tiles pavement should pay attention to moisture and other issues. Therefore, the wooden floor before paving, it is best to first at room temperature 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ for two days. In addition, the best time to install the floor in sunny weather, it is best to install about 7 days are sunny, there is no rain, do not dry the ground before installing the floor.

Often waxing to keep bright, the daily maintenance of wood flooring is the most important point is waxing. Wood floor use for some time, need to once again waxing, so that will not only send off residual moisture construction, but also extend the life of the floor. In addition, the floor should be waxed on a quarterly basis to maintain the brightness and water resistance of the floor surface.

Cleaning attention to control the amount of water used in the daily maintenance of the floor, cleaning is a necessary project. General stains can be treated with a soft dry rag, encountered must be cleaned with water stains, it is recommended to use soaked wet wipers do not drip clean. Wiping the floor is best to immediately open the doors and windows, let the air circulation, dry the floor. In damp weather, wipe it with a dry cloth and dehumidify with air conditioning.

Activated carbon anti-floor wet, activated carbon can keep the floor in good humidity environment. Due to the dual role of activated carbon's moisture absorption and moisturization (bi-directional humidity control), the floor can not be cracked in long-term use and mildew does not occur when the floor has moisture; the effect is even more pronounced during the rainy season.

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