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Wood Flooring How To Shop
- Sep 26, 2016 -

Laying paving core plate

Some consumers in order to pursue the foot feeling too, add a layer to the keel plate. In fact, core Board quality varies widely, and poor-quality core Board will affect paving quality of wood flooring. Therefore, if consumers want to seek the sense of high, it is necessary to select sale Brand Board products on the market.

Only they do not overlay

Wood plastic floor has directly paste method, and keel Pu idea, and suspended Pu idea, regardless of accepted what Pu idea, certainly to select good of construction step team, confrontation "six a not Pu", that wall body wet leak, ground not dry, and unyielding whole not Pu; confusion construction not Pu; using inferior accessories not Pu; duration too hastily, cannot implemented process not Pu; invention product has quality topics not Pu; requirements absolute no flat chromatic aberration not Pu.

Not valued the same as ordinary maintenance

Some consumers think that wood flooring does not need to be too careful maintenance, directly drag and wash the floor with a MOP, for heating water is not at heart, so then, flooring product is prone to discoloration, deformation, cracks and so on. Using wood flooring must be nursed back to the floor on a regular basis according to the manufacturers.

Wood flooring is not environmentally friendly

Consumers thought in natural wood with a certain amount of formaldehyde, combined with wooden veneering multi-layer glued between, higher levels of formaldehyde in oak parquet, and not environmentally friendly. In fact, wood flooring formaldehyde discharge quantity controlling in the context defined by national standards, you can rest assured that use.