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Wood Fence Maintenance And Repair Methods
- Sep 26, 2016 -

When it comes to wood fence maintenance, I must mention some considerations for wood plastic fence installation, wood fence installation always drill holes in the drilling process to those more dense wood, is required on location using the self-tapping screws drill hole, then tapping screw fastening. So as not to affect the use of wood. Wood-plastic fencing is not cleaned regularly, but must be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust or dirt after a long time, is more difficult to remove. If wood fence as soon as the stain, but not sure what kind of cleaning method can be a good clear case, Tianhe yuxin wood recommends cleaning of wood plastic fence stain is a fraction of the area as a test to prevent causing color difference is too large, if the results are good, then use this method to clear the other stains. You can use the tap directly flush wood plastic fence dust dirt and mud on the line, not dried after washing, one can do by himself, which is very convenient. General wood plastic fence maintenance is very simple, in fact, its installation is very simple and does not require complicated installation tools and work with the cumbersome parts, opened the package install, so in some communities, can be seen in the Park right now, no matter where, can render its elegant combination of nature and beautiful pictures